About Us

Wetland Action is a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). It is a not-for-profit organisation. This arrangement allows organisations of different types to become members or associate members, and work together towards specific goals despite their different legal status.

The members of Wetland Action are:

Wetland Action has been formed particularly to enhance the synergy between field research and implementation capacity. It facilitates collaboration between different levels:

  • local NGOs supporting community-based initiatives;
  • international institutions involved in development co-operation and international conventions;
  • government agencies involved in wetland policy and management;
  • research organisations concerned with sustainable resource management.

Staff and Associates

Prof Adrian Wood - Policy Analysis and Functional Landscape

Dr Rob de Rooij - Livestock Issues and Project Management

Dr Alan Dixon – Socio-ecological systems and Community-Based Natural Resource Management

Dr Rachael Carrie – Socio-ecological monitoring and Freshwater Ecology

Jonas Sampa – Livelihoods Development and Crop Production

James Ellison – Soil Conservation and Agricultural Engineering

Patrick Thawe – Natural Resource Management and Community Development

Afework Hailu – Natural Resource Management and Wetland Livelihoods

Albert Msuku – Functional Landscape Approach

Albert Mvula – Functional Landscape Approach