EWRP Ethiopian Wetlands Research Programme

The project “Sustainable Wetland Management in Illubabor Zone, South-west Ethiopia” was run by the Ethiopian Wetland Research Programme between April 1997 and June 2000. The project reports are now released for public consultation following approval of the final reports by the European Union which provided the majority of the funds for this study.

To view the policy briefing notes (PDF format) Choose a link below:

  • The Role and Importance of Wetlands in Ethiopia
  • Dynamics of Wetland Management: Lessons for Ethiopia
  • Sustainable Wetland Management: Lessons from Illubabor Zone
  • Wetlands and Food Security in South-west Ethiopia
  • Wetlands, Policies and Environmental Assessment
  • Indigenous wetland knowledge-the basis for sustainable use: Lessons from Illubabor
  • Institutional Development to Support Sustainable Wetland Management in Illubabor Zone