What we do

Associates in the Wetland Action network  undertake a range of activities including practical implementation, research, monitoring, consultancy , with expertise to address a diversity of issues at the interface of human-wetland interactions:

Food Security, Poverty Reduction and Livelihood Development

  • Enhancing sustainable wetland agriculture and water use;
  • Empowerment of women in wetland management;
  • Livelihood development and market analysis;
  • Socio-economic analysis of wetland use;
  • Protecting wetland water sources;
  • Facilitating indigenous technology development and dissemination

Wetland and Catchment Integrated Management – Functional Landscape

  • Participatory planning and collaborative management of wetlands and their catchments;
  • Wetland restoration and rehabilitation;
  • Multiple land use practices for sustainable use;
  • Valley bottom and pond utilisation;
  • Constructed wetlands for pollution control

Institution and Policy Development

  • Local institutional capacity building for good governance;
  • Stakeholder assessment and institutional analysis;
  • Awareness raising and dissemination activities;
  • Participatory assessment and policy development;
  • Training and capacity development


  • Multi-stage facilitation (research – planning – implementation);
  • Socio-ecological systems analysis;
  • Ecosystem service assessment;
  • Biodiversity assessment and environmental monitoring;
  • Hydrological monitoring and modelling;
  • Livelihood asset analysis;
  • GIS, spatial analysis and environmental modelling
  • Indigenous knowledge assessment and facilitated exchange;
  • Institutional analysis