Striking a Balance: maintaining seasonal wetlands in central Southern Africa

The Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Project of Wetlands International, funded by a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairds, has five demonstration Projects. “Striking a Balance” is one of these five projects. It builds on the research outlined below on dambos and other seasonal wetlands, and seeks to explore how to develop functional wetland catchment landscapes which can sustain ecosystem regulating services and provisionary sources.

‘Striking a Balance’ Policy Briefing Papers (2009)

SAB Policy Briefing 1 – The Striking a Balance Approach

SAB Policy Briefing 2 – Local Institutions and Wetland Management

SAB Policy Briefing 3 – Ecological Assessment of Wetland Health

SAB Policy Briefing 4 – Wetland Policies

SAB Policy Briefing 5 – Adaptive Responses to Climate Change

Wetland Action Video

Striking A Balance РDambo Management and Poverty Reduction in Zambia & Malawi (2011)

Wetlands supporting livelihoods in Malawi and Zambia (2008)


Final Project Report

Wood (2009) Striking a Balance – Final Report